The linocuts shown on this page were made by Robert himself.


Born in Munich/Germany and raised in Sydney/Australien, Robert Richter got to know the world from two sides at an early age. Life is as continuous an up and down as the waves oft the oceans which he has crossed so many times. This is also expressed in the song „Wellen über Wellen“ from his current CD. The only song he has recorded in german until now . As english is somewhat his second mother tongue, he prefers to write in this language. It easier to handle, less stiff in a way. Nevertheless Robert Richter plans to write more songs in german also. „I wished I could speak more languages. Languages are for communication and music ist the best language for this purpose“ – as he once said in an Interview.

Musically he is not entirely focused on his roots. He does come from the Blues which is clear to see and hear. It’s treacherous accent can be heard in all of his performances, regardless of musical idiom. The old spirits oft the Blues, from Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters, from Fred McDowell to Lightnin‘ Hopkins, are the godfathers of his beginnings. But the Blues gave birth to Rock & Roll, connected to Country and Folk and had a love affair with Gospel, hence produced Soul and Funk. Blues is the Zeus of the musical mythology of the twentieth century. This is the rich vein from which Robert draws his inspiration. It‘s not about reeinventing the wheel. What for? This is about honest handmade music. Nothing more, nothing less.

„The Singing Men“- the first song on the CD, is a homage to all the great songwriters who brought the language of music to us. and thus helped people to communicate in a way that mustn’t be underestimated. Not to forget all the great woman writers, but as a young man Robert was influenced mostly by male writers.

In the old days Robert played mostly electric guitar in many bands. Today it’s the acoustic guitar . This isn’t retro, or puristic ,or even nostalgic („I am not nostalgic!“). This is independence and having the possiblity to play wherever, whenever, with or without a powerplug nearby.

Robert Richter likes playing solo. But he also loves to play with his dear old colleagues and friends. For instance the versatile multi-instrumentalist Titus Waldenfels, who always knows how to add something to Roberts songs that brings out their essence. Also Michael Reiserer, who Robert likes to refer to as „the musical drummer“ Reiserer also plays accordeon the singing saw. And percussion-genius Peter Krämer, who likewise knows how to do the right thing at the right time.
Another special project is the duo „One More Mile“. Rusty Stone (well known with his band „The Case“) and Robert Richter got together to explore the many facettes of the Blues one more time.

„After the many miles we have behind us, we finally know which way to go.
And there are still many miles ahead.“






Live 2020

All concerts have been cancelled due to the Corona-Crisis


Here you will find the tracks of the current CD to listen to.

NEW: Calendar with Linocuts

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This calendar contains prints of linocuts by old blues musicians. Produced by Robert Richter and also available as print version. It comes in DIN A 3 format ( 29.7 cm x 42.0 cm) on 250 g/m² paper.

Price for postal order € 19.50 plus € 4.90 Postage per copy only within Germany.

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